Good day watching alot of locals kill their home wave. Not as big as the day before but fun!
Most days are busy , rescues perentatives all day and to much sun for any man. But sometimes when the crowd is low and the break falls on the right one you can score a sesh and get paid to surf. Now that I am not a full time pro I appreciate my water time more then ever and stoked that I can save lives and continue to get in the water as much as I do. So cheers to my employment and the City and County for a good job!
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This shot was taken from at Pipe on Murfs iphone. It was pretty heavy from my angle. It was my first sesh with new Gear Joel and the boys at Hurley hooked me up with. Loving the fusion top. Worked sick for pipe second reef dodging and scooping some wedgey ones. Hoping to get the water angle on this one. Thanks murf for the iphone shoot support
Reloaded with Deluxe fins and the new USBA bodyboard is out