Trying to be tuff, not working! Thanks Matt Catalano for the shot
Beta did so well at Pipe and I am very proud of her effort. Coming back from a 6 month injury and broken back to make it through the trials to place 5th over all at Pipe against the worlds best is amazing. She was bummed she did not make the final but is more fired up now to do the tour then ever. So I think we are taking the boogie life on the road this year and heading to AUS to visit her brother and do the comps. ALOHA HONEY I LOVE YOU AND AM SUPA PROUD OF WHAT YOU ACCOMPLISHED. Heck I might even dust off the boogies and start giving contests a nudge again so I dont have sit on the beach all day. Just PLEASE let me go to WA after Port Mac to get some cold water slab action, I promise will take you to Bali if you do, hehehe! BIG PLANS!