So I got nocked, but not for lack of effort. check the carnage. Also check the controlled Chaos that is Manny V and myself and the mic at the Box comp in WA at
So this week was about as good as being out of the water gets for mister Jason C Bitzer. In short I got to rock out with the boys from Guerilla Union to plan some next level events for the sport and with a music element that will blow your mind. Frow there I got meet the Boys at Hurley and even ran into the founder Mr Bob Hurley a guru amongst the surf world heavy hitters and all around nice fella, super blessed to be apart of this brand of straight shooters. After a great meeting with the City of HB and a trip to EXPO West for a health and wellness conference , Jeff and I went to seattle for some more business for Jeff's sponsors Agent 18. Awesome stuff went down and even came home with a In to the 36 Chambers Wu Tang book completing of my child hood dream of just getting straight gangster on a fool. Not to forget we had dinner with the GU crew and living legend and my little brother Dilan Druz and his sister Daneil for a pow wow before going to Seattle. So not a bad non stop week. However Jeff and I did see a guns drawn battle with police pointing AKA 16 assault riffles over the 110 freeway at some perps below. Hectic , man that was a trip. Glad to head home and get on my boogie once again. thank you lord for the safe travels and amazing people making of Vison a reality. By the way while I was away, beta was getting 8 point rides at the Girls USBA contest at Pipe. Good job honey, next year straight podium
Came home to a crip lil packy for Australia, thanks Hurley for taking a shot with some dumb Haole boy from NJ. Chee
Just finished my annual recert for 2012 , still the best job in the world, blessed to get to work in Hawaii as a lifeguard and cruz wit da boys. Herd some of the best stories ever this week and amped to be apart of a few crazy ones over the years. C&C LG 4 lIfe Chee