Beta and I are having any epic trip, but now it is time to get down to Business with Beta competing tomorrow. Aloha
Life I feel really is a struggle for Balance. Work/Play, Family/Friends and some time Good/Bad. This week i have had a bit of both with the heavy hearted loss of my Sister Cathy, yet a great trip thus far with beta in AUS. My sister had a sudden turn for the worse and passed last week, both I and my dad had planned on going down in a few weeks time, my dad first to replace my sister and then I would go in May. I had just spoken to her prior to my trip down here and we prayed and laughed a bit. She was a really good sister to me and she always supported me. Come to find out as I am planning my trip home from AUS for her sudden passing and service, she didnt want one, she never wanted to interupt anyones lives and it was funny it was like her saying Life is for the living J, go support beta and win the comp. We will all will be doing our own memorial and a family in may and I am bringing her ashes back to Hawaii with me as she loved our home and wanted to retire there. But it was like hey saying hey bro dont stress out I love you, do what your doing and it will all work out. We all will have our closure and Cathy has no more pain looking down on us from above. Love you sis, your where a true hero to me.

Hugs forever

Swell on the rise sun is out mates are getting ready for a big weekend and the misses is headed over. good times.

I love the shire