This weekend at Waimanalo Bay Beach Park we are holding a free contest for the Keikis of Oahu. All are welcome and all can help judge and set up (Wink wink). This is a event for the public by the USBA and its riders. Jeff Hubbard, Jason Bitzer,David Hubbard and Spencer Skipper will be on hand to run the event and hang with the Keikis all day. Food will be served to the competitors by Wahoos and Keneekes. See you there!
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Robbie sent this article over to me today and it made me think. Great read

Cool little clip for Body Glove Bodyboards
After a successful trip to California running and competing in the US Open I am back. I was able to see Matt Hamilton with his family at the Hoag Newport Hospital. He has made some great progress and our hearts and prayers continue for Jess and the family. If you would like to donate to Matt please go to Some photos of the event are below. Some video below as well, all images from Alex Verharst

The US Open of Bodyboarding was an amazing event!  Huge structure, live webcast, instant scoring system, massage for the ladies, tons of Vitaminwater and Smartwater... and much more!!!!!!  The level of competition was outstanding and the girls worked hard inside and outside the water to show what they were there for!  In the picture you see Claudia Ferrari (former world champion), Karla Costa (former world champion) and Roberta Bitzer (two-times US Champion) at Sports Chalet signing autographs to the fans!