Swell on the rise sun is out mates are getting ready for a big weekend and the misses is headed over. good times.

I love the shire
So I got nocked, but not for lack of effort. check the carnage. Also check the controlled Chaos that is Manny V and myself and the mic at the Box comp in WA at www.ibaworldtour.com/live
So this week was about as good as being out of the water gets for mister Jason C Bitzer. In short I got to rock out with the boys from Guerilla Union to plan some next level events for the sport and with a music element that will blow your mind. Frow there I got meet the Boys at Hurley and even ran into the founder Mr Bob Hurley a guru amongst the surf world heavy hitters and all around nice fella, super blessed to be apart of this brand of straight shooters. After a great meeting with the City of HB and a trip to EXPO West for a health and wellness conference , Jeff and I went to seattle for some more business for Jeff's sponsors Agent 18. Awesome stuff went down and even came home with a In to the 36 Chambers Wu Tang book completing of my child hood dream of just getting straight gangster on a fool. Not to forget we had dinner with the GU crew and living legend and my little brother Dilan Druz and his sister Daneil for a pow wow before going to Seattle. So not a bad non stop week. However Jeff and I did see a guns drawn battle with police pointing AKA 16 assault riffles over the 110 freeway at some perps below. Hectic , man that was a trip. Glad to head home and get on my boogie once again. thank you lord for the safe travels and amazing people making of Vison a reality. By the way while I was away, beta was getting 8 point rides at the Girls USBA contest at Pipe. Good job honey, next year straight podium
Came home to a crip lil packy for Australia, thanks Hurley for taking a shot with some dumb Haole boy from NJ. Chee
Just finished my annual recert for 2012 , still the best job in the world, blessed to get to work in Hawaii as a lifeguard and cruz wit da boys. Herd some of the best stories ever this week and amped to be apart of a few crazy ones over the years. C&C LG 4 lIfe Chee
Trying to be tuff, not working! Thanks Matt Catalano for the shot
Beta did so well at Pipe and I am very proud of her effort. Coming back from a 6 month injury and broken back to make it through the trials to place 5th over all at Pipe against the worlds best is amazing. She was bummed she did not make the final but is more fired up now to do the tour then ever. So I think we are taking the boogie life on the road this year and heading to AUS to visit her brother and do the comps. ALOHA HONEY I LOVE YOU AND AM SUPA PROUD OF WHAT YOU ACCOMPLISHED. Heck I might even dust off the boogies and start giving contests a nudge again so I dont have sit on the beach all day. Just PLEASE let me go to WA after Port Mac to get some cold water slab action, I promise will take you to Bali if you do, hehehe! BIG PLANS!
Good day watching alot of locals kill their home wave. Not as big as the day before but fun!